Almost two years after our initial launch, I am finally writing our brand story, inspiration, and design philosophy….something I probably should have started with, but as a first-time founder, it is one of the many learnings I have had along the way.

Thankfully, even without our core identity written for all to see, we have managed to have hundreds of customers find us and fall in love with our brand. In many ways, our products speak for themselves; they are fun and vibrant while celebrating the elegance and classic styles of preppy clothing.

Our designs are the perfect accoutrement for finely crafted cocktails, the finest of meals, evening sails, and luxury hotel getaways.

Our brand started with a sip and view of Lake Travis in Austin, TX. This particular view, to be exact:

While sipping an ice-cold martini and savoring the sunset, a thought occurred to me that there needed to be a luxury brand that celebrated this place and the lifestyle it represents.

For those who do not know, this is one of the most luxurious places in Texas, with shores lined by multimillion-dollar homes set against the backdrop and beauty of the Texas hill country.

For decades, it has been a luxury getaway for real estate millionaires and oil billionaires, an enclave tucked in the outskirts of Austin where I have spent most of my summer weekends over the past decade and a half.

Thus, our logo and first design was born, the picturesque view of Lake Travis from our family lake house accompanying arguably the most classic of cocktails...the dirty martini.


And while the luxury of Lake Travis is our starting point, Marinas & Martinis has come to encapsulate many of the things I enjoy most in the world.

The perfect choreography of a Michelin Star meal, the exquisite service of a stay at the Ritz Carlton, the perfect cocktail at a bar so posh you could be wearing a tuxedo and still somehow feel underdressed.

Marinas & Martinis brings these experiences to life through perfectly crafted preppy clothing.

The perfect polo that is versatile enough for golf in the morning, sailing in the evening, and maybe a boardroom coup in between.

The sweater that is the perfect weight, fabric, and style to wear by the fire on a blustery night in Aspen or to your favorite wine haunt in the West Village.

The "dad" hat that makes you feel exceedingly fancy even for your morning round of tennis or your post-Equinox coffee run.

We bring the finest materials, luxurious surroundings, and vibrant color schemes to classic, elegant, and timeless preppy silhouettes.

That is the Marinas & Martinis way, and if you love and celebrate enjoying the more luxurious times in life and want your clothing to match, join us as we build the next great iconic prep brand!



Founder, Marinas & Martinis


Blake Beckelman